Let us tell you about our practice.

Dr. Nelson and patient Dr. Suzanne Nelson has been caring for infants, children and teenagers with digestive disorders for over 20 years.

Dr. Nelson maintains a solo private practice, which means that every time your child visits our office, he or she will see just one doctor -- Dr. Nelson. This allows Dr. Nelson really to understand your child and your family, and to take care of your child’s problem from start to finish.

The fact that Dr. Nelson works in one location allows flexibility, so when your child is sick they can be seen in a timely fashion. We are truly humbled and appreciate that many of our patients drive quite a distance to see Dr. Nelson because they understand and value the importance of continuity of care.

Dr. Nelson works with a wonderful staff who can help you make an appointment so your child can be seen promptly. We even have evening office hours so your child doesn’t have to miss school or you don’t have to miss work for your appointment.

Dr. Nelson and patient

We pride ourselves in listening to parent's concerns about their child’s gastrointestinal complaints. As a mother of two daughters herself, Dr. Nelson understands that every child is different. She aims to provide your child with an individualized diagnostic and treatment plan.

We have on site an excellent dietician, child psychologist and feeding therapist.

So if your child is struggling with any type of digestive disorder, we at Children’s Gastroenterology Specialists can help.

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